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About intelligent sewage lifting device, you don't know the hot topic.

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Many people use the integrated sewage pumping station, but how much do you know about the topic of the product itself? Next, let Xiaobian take you to understand the hot topic of integrated sewage pumping station.
1. first, the difference between the intelligent box type sewage lifting device and the traditional sewage lifting equipment. One, about the ability to discharge debris. The ability of intelligent box-type sewage lifting device to discharge debris depends on the dredging capacity of the pipeline, that is, if the dredging capacity of the pipeline is strong, the product itself is no problem. However, the traditional sewage lifting device will be limited by the caliber and impeller clearance of the product itself. At the same time, it will be restricted by the discharge pipe, such a double restriction is nothing but to bring resistance to sewage treatment work. Two, operation. Intelligent sewage lifting device adopts non-blocking impeller of pump, and the technology of separating impurities solves the problems of easy blockage and difficult removal. But the traditional sewage lifting device, backward technology, easy to plug the impeller pump is more difficult to solve the headache. Three, the management of equipment. The whole sewage treatment process of intelligent sewage lifting device is carried out in a stainless steel box with good airtightness. There is no leakage of sewage and odor, and there is no need to clean up debris. However, the traditional sewage lifting device will not only produce odor leakage, but also need to clean up debris in the catchment pit regularly, greatly increasing. The workload.
2. key points for selection of integrated sewage pumping stations. Intelligent sewage lifting device can be divided into two types according to the installation form of lifting pump: built-in type and external type, and can be divided into double-pump built-in type, four-pump built-in type and four-pump built-in type according to the flow and head parameters.

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